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What is h.264

What is H.264?
H.264 is a standard digital format for compressing video in high resolution and very high bit rate. It can reduce a large, unfinished video file to one that only takes up approx. half as much as such. a corresponding file in MPEG-2-format (standard for a video in DVD quality). H.264 is very versatile. It can resize the compression according to the requirements for ISPs, Web sites and entities, including, for example. your computer.

Why is compression important?
Try to imagine an elephant trying to squeeze through a mousehole. The untreated HD video recorded using a web or digital camera can use huge amounts of space on a hard drive - several gigabytes, which you probably do to other files. Moreover, sites like Facebook and YouTube, and some ISPs claim to file sizes. An untreated HD video can often be too big for websites and ISPs.

Although there is room enough for a video file also takes longer to transmit, the bigger it is. If you would like to share a video quickly, you should put your elephant on a diet. And compressing.

How does H.264?
A video clip is a continuous series of individual images. H.264 removes redundant information from the row. Each picture is divided into small blocks on a quarter of a pixel for accurate analysis. When an image is processed, looking compressor (encoder) in the blocks of the image that has just been coded, and the next in line. It records what is the same and what has changed. It then eliminates the redundant information. The process is repeated throughout the stream.

This compresses the file size significantly - and even more than with MPEG-4. When video is playing, download the decoder in the playback device information from multiple images to display the image in high resolution.


This is a raw image with high bit rate.


This is a leading compression solution. Notice the blocks.

The loss of detail. And the mixture.

This is H.264. No blocks. No loss of detail. No mixing.

Just HD quality with low bit rate, which is fast and smooth.


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